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This dictionary contains only those words that differ from standard Indonesian, following the lists compiled by Takaria & Pieter (1998), Devin, and Pattiasina, with orthography standardised between the three. Stress tends to be noticeably on the penultimate syllable, which plays a significant part in producing the distinctive Ambon accent. Many words are derived from Indonesian by applying the following substitutions:

  • Initial -e, -er syllables in grammatical prefixes become -a

    • berdiri → badiri, terbakar → tabakar
  • Final -n, -m modifiers become -ng

    • teman → tamang, asam → asang
  • Final -k, -h modifiers are dropped

    • anak → ana, bersih → barsi
  • Final -u syllable becomes -o

    • arus → aros, mabuk → mabo
  • Initial -e, -er syllables more generally become -a

    • mesin → masing, lentera → lanterna

u   indicates the vocative case: the english “John, …” would be “John u! …” with the voice raised to a very high pitch on the “u”   interjection

ua1   father’s sister   noun

ua2   term of address for an older woman of one’s soa or of a pela village   noun

uba   [see oba]   noun

ubung   connected   adjective

uele   shout to give a verbal signal   verb

uha   uncooked sago flour wrapped in sago leaves   noun

ujang ampas   drizzle   noun

ujang ampas-ampas   drizzle   noun

ujang barenti   rain that has stopped   noun

ujang basar   downpour   noun

ujang karas   heavy rain   noun

ujang lari-lari   fleeting rainshower   noun

ujang panas   rain while it’s sunny   noun

ujang   rain   noun

ukor   measure   verb

uku   a family unit of the same or different lineage within a village   noun

ukulei   [see uku]   noun

ulak   sambal   noun

ulang paleo   be repetitive   verb

ular cincin   a worm that coils up into a spiral when frightened   noun

ular panana   the indonesian blue-tongued skink (tiliqua gigas)   noun

ular sagu   the sago grub, larva of the beetle euchirus longimanus   noun

ular soa-soa   [see soa-soa]   noun

ular1   grub   noun

ular2   worm   noun

ular3   lizard   noun

ule   grub, caterpillar, maggot   noun

ulel   [see ulak]   noun

uli   alliance of five or so small settlements spread over wide areas of forested territory, bound together by pela   noun

ulu hati nae-nae   experience nausea   verb

ulu hati tacucu   suffer from heartburn or other chest pains   verb

ulu hati   solar plexus   noun

ulu parang   sword handle   noun

ulu piso   knife handle   noun

ulu   hilt   noun

umpang   bait   noun

ungkel   prise   verb

unin   turmeric, curcuma longa   noun

unju falungku   show a fist   verb

unju jago   show off   verb

unju jari mae   give a thumbs-up   verb

unju muka   show up, make an appearance   verb

unju   show   verb

unti   grated coconut mixed with palm sugar, often used as a filling in cakes or eaten with glutinous rice   noun

untung bae   luckily   adverb

unu-unu   disagree with a parent in a voice that is slow but persistent (?)   verb

upa   wages, payment for services   noun

upas   contact dermatitis   noun

uping   small   noun

upu1   grandparent   noun

upu2   grandchild   noun

upu3   revered ancestor   noun

upu4   the title of lord or god   noun

ur   [see uli]   noun

urep   [see parkici]   noun

uru poro   unlucky   adjective

uru1   massage   noun

uru2   massage   verb

uru3   suffer loss (slang)   verb

urung   crowd, mob   verb

urus1   resolved, settled   adjective

urus2   tidy up   verb

urusang   affairs, matters   noun

user   banish, kick out   verb

usi   “older sister”, term of address for a woman a little older than oneself   noun

utang   forest   noun

utus   tell someone to do something, order   verb

uwa   term of address for father’s sister   noun

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