Top 5 Restaurants in Ambon

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Walang Resto

Laid-back local cuisine right by the water, with great views of Merah Putih Bridge and the bay. The focus is grilled fish which they do an amazing job of cooking, with an equally top-tier colo-colo on the side. Interestingly the rice is worth a mention as it is (I think) cooked with coconut milk and pandan like nasi lemak, and is super tasty. They’ll do you a beer which is always a bonus, and fits with the Friday-night vibe this place has going on. Best of all you can go across on a little floating platform to pick out your fish from the fisherman’s boat moored out in the bay. Maybe not one to visit when it’s raining though - the noise is deafening when those raindrops are hitting the tin roof.

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Warung Coto Makassar Nusantara Wayame

Unquestionably the best coto Makassar in Ambon, and honestly it beats a lot of places in Makassar itself too. The meat is fine: you can find softer, more tender meat at some other coto places, but the star of the show is the soup itself. Rich and creamy and comforting, it reminded me most of the broth in a proper tonkotsu ramen. Squeeze in one of them little calamansi lime things (two if you order the jumbo) and you’re set. On a rainy day I could happily sit there and drink a mug full of that soup. Love it.

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Dapor Kole Kole

Solid restaurant in the middle of town, this place makes the list because it proudly features a lot of local cuisine. Whether it’s the kohu kohu, papaya flowers, the slabs of tuna steak, cassava, sweet potato, or cakalang, there’s plenty of classic eastern Indonesian food on display and in my experience it’s all cooked very well. One fun feature is the old fishing boat (the kole-kole of the name) they’ve got set up as seating in a little courtyard.

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Sate Padang Ayah Takana Juo

At time of writing this is the only sate padang place on the whole island as far as we could tell, but it’s also a great example of the craft. Located halfway up the hill on your way out of town, this is only a tiny little place but one which is often packed. Or at least it is when it’s open, which seems to be completely unpredictable. Also on Grab for delivery.

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Look at that place. This is a pretty obvious entry and is already well-known so I’ve put it last here, but it really is good. There’s plenty on the menu, the price isn’t too bad compared to similar high-end places, but the real star is the location. As for the food itself, highlights include the fried chicken flavoured with pandan, the giant 1 litre steins of iced tea, and the nasi bakar cakalang.

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